My art centers on pieces that are uncomfortable and colorful. I like to be able to make the viewer of my piece feel a certain emotion. I try to be quite realistic with my work, I like how much the work can pop out of the page when it is shaded and blended to look real. My two main inspirations are mythological/renaissance women in paintings and chubby babies. For the women, I love their thicker figure and the way they are posed in the painting. Painting a thicker woman for me shows great depth of value and volume. For chubby babies, I enjoy twisting their youthfulness and making it uncomfortable. I combine these two inspirations to come up with one of my biggest themes: cherubs. Along with drawing women and babies, I have a true passion for drawing food. I love food because it is delicious and aesthetically pleasing. I came up with the theme of babies and fruit from my childhood, being able to recreate that brings be back to it. My two main mediums are oil pastels and charcoal. I use both of these because they work very well for blending and shading, which I see and my two strong points. When shading and blending I use brushes, paper towels, and especially my hands. I use my hands because it lets me feel very connected to the art; there is no middleman between the art and me. Recently I have been working with digital art and exploring what I can do and what I can create with it. My biggest artistic inspiration is John Currin. He creates paintings of people, making them slightly uncomfortable and in provocative poses.


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